Established in 2007, our company started off as IT Consultant Company and importer of wholesale electronic products into Australia.

We expand our network to become independent wholesale trader of commodities products direct from producer to consumer all around the world.  We engaged on crude oil, D2, Mazut1000, palm oil, natural minerals, natural gem stones, coal, metal, iron ore, iron sand, woods products, coffee beans, coconut, sugar and other miscellaneous products.

Furthermore we expand our businesses into retail businesses in various industries such as education consultancy, retail electronic shops, restaurant, café, food products wholesaler and mortgage brokerage.

In 2009, our company invested on several residential properties and we develop our knowledge during the process before started to provide services to clients on property investment in Australia. Working direct with Developers, Real Estate Agencies, Solicitors and Accountant to offer one stop shop for our clients. We arrange comparative market analysis, legal advisory and financial requirements to customized investment plan for each client.

Our ongoing involvements in property investment keep our knowledge on the market up to date. Market always changing and by having the right strategy is the key to capture the market in the best possible way.

As per June 2016, our company has achieved portfolio of A$560M in residential property investment and other investment assets. We are now on preparation to be involved in development stage of residential/commercial building.


  • Empower clients business and portfolio to their potential capabilities and performance
  • Responsible operation & high integrity
  • Professional services and easy to understand status reporting on progress and achievement
  • Delivering maximal outcome in the most efficient method


  • Integrity – high importance on corporate level
  • Result – where it matter the most
  • Excellence – drive to perform the best in our operation
  • Trust – long term mutual benefit
  • Reliability – responsible on our operational action and decision